Studio D’ArteCon sagl.
Art + Consulting
CH-6618 Arcegno
Email: studio(at)
Telefon: +41 (0)91 7914453

We engage ourselves with Art and Consulting and also with Industrial Design and Innovations.

Dieter Specht founded D'ArteCon Sagl, because he wanted to do something new.

He had started Interroll as a two-man startup and developed it to an international corporation, which operates today in 28 countries with about 1500 employees and is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Now he does what gives him fun. He paints (, he produces films ( and he works tirelessly in D'ArteCon, as a management consultant with continuously new ideas in the arts and as a developer of new products with new designs.

Here in Ticino our studio is located near the Lago Maggiore, in the small village Arcegno. Here we can work creatively - without stress.

If you come once to Ticino, you shall visit us here.

On the following pages you will find some examples of our work

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